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3.9.11 trip: cusco #2

Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru, South America, America, Earth, adventuretimecontinuum.

some more markets, stealing puppies, ruins, Ollantaytambo, traditional women textile making

there are photos from the blog entry bolivia & peru... extend post to see :D

[above] look! long braided my hair, cos i couldn't lift my arm high 'nuff. -_-"

[above] i like donkeys cos they is cute, and they is like nuzzling my leg. ((:P

[above] cutest motherfuxker, i smuggled him into my jacket. seriously couldn't stop my crush for the bub.

[above] Sacred Valley

[above] Sacred Valley

[above] this is Ollantaytambo

[above] see those square/rectangle bits on the mountain? they are where special people were buried

[above] ladies showing us how they dye different wools, and where the colours come from (naturally)

- - -


Anonymous said...

Ollantaytambo is awesome! Ollantaytambo is like a mini macchu pichu! Martin Martinez really liked to say ollantaytambo! Ollantaytambo has also grown on me! Octavius, coolest bus driver name ever! OLLANTAYTAMBO!!

luvieur said...

lawl!! ollantaytambo mannnng!!

fulla sick names thurr!!

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