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daddy's day

i love my dad.
it's funny how girls tend to go for guys who are like their dads. but what's not to love about that goofball of a man!?

- - -

for dad's day we...

 [above] had dimsum
 [above] in chinatown
 [above] then went to a vintage sale @The Bakery
 [above] food & drink outside
 [above] the northbridge piazza
 [above] a lizard face lady on stilts, handing out helium
 [above] contrary to the photo, i was actually really happy i got that helium
 [above] frilled neck lizard ladies were entertaining to watch
 [above] olive python
 [above] my Ligre balloon
 [above] dad is not sponsored by Coke... he's just a silly goose
[above] ona & luvieur
[above] Sam, my Ligre

[above] eat your heart out, Napoleon Dynamite!

 [above] interior design @ Hippos Creek
 [above] 1kg rump... couldn't finish it between 3 people -_-"
[above] hippopo!

- - -


Anonymous said...

Dim sum, balloons, kilo steak! Could your day get much better? So jelly!

luvieur said...

haha... fairy floss and toffee apple would of beamed me straight to heaven!

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