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4.9.11 trip: cartagena

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we took the speedboat to Playa Blanca beach, and chilled there the whole day.
didn't lay out in the sun very long, but did get a nice holiday tan just floating around in the water.

people there offer/sell massages, prawns, alcoholic beverages, and hand-crafts - but it's a lil exxy.

read my entry cartagena for my account, and extend post to see pictures at this mystical place I call Playa Blanca... (;

[above] disposing of our beer & pina colada

[above] speed boat

[above] fresh mangoes and watermelons - oh my, my mouth is literally watering

[above] chillies and lemons (fresh lemonade is a hit in Cartagena)

[above] did i say i was in love with their doors? cos, i doooz.

- - -

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Coming to the end of the trip! U must be happy to have gotten most of the pics blogged now!

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