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2.9.11 trip: cusco

Peru! you little beauty!
one of the cleanest and greenest places we stayed at, Cusco was one of my little favourites with a million places to see and a million places to eat at!

the blog entry bolivia & peru

extend post to see what i mean..

[about] the hotel we stayed at for the first night

[above] another Christ Redeemer, but in Cusco (:

[above] purrrty greens and flowers... Cusco had many green 'squares' amongst their buildings

[above] naw!! sho adawwwubble. ladies took spare change in exchange for a photo with these bubs

[above] so, i was hoping for a well perky and fit ass after ALL this walking & climbing.. but noooh. 

- - -
have fun & stay safe. when times get hard, always lift your chin up. you're truly amazing, ben.


Anonymous said...

If only it was as cheap as Bolivia! But such a lovely place just to chill, have some good food! Aka kfc!! Definitely top 3 places of trip

luvieur said...

if only EVERYWHERE was as cheap as Bolivia!! haha
it was lovely! so much more to be explored!

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