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2.9.11 trip: copacobana


we bussed it from La Paz to Copacobana. the first time we tried, the ride got cancelled, cos some protestors started throwing rocks at the bus. @_@
Copacobana is really lovely, though. trout was their specialty.

extend to some pretty landscapes (:

- - -

 [above] Sun Island tour

 [above] donkeys are the fuxking cutest! Donkey from Shrek ruined their image.

 [above] Lake Titicaca is the highest altitude lake!! that's right. high altitude lake.

 [above] codeine & paracetamol induced rebel, not wearing a sling.

 [above] the Sun Island ruins

 [above] giggle-off with jonny

 [above] like, a 5 hour boat ride back to Copacobana

Thanks to my bestman, longers, for taking most of the photos for me! (:

- - -


Anonymous said...

I do good?

luvieur said...

you doo goots. ((:P

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