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9.9.11 trip: LA #2

trour last day in the beautiful Little Tokyo ):
kudos to pea & aaron (;
makes me want to go back to Japan much much more!

anyway - extend post to see some pretty stuff (:

[above] grocery store with cute helium balloons

[above] kawaii cookies i bought from the grocery store (above)

[above] BEST mochi EVAARR. mmm.. ice-cream mochi!! 

[above] jonny, kicking a 7y/o kid. thats not how sensei Miyagi does it!

[above] jonny & long. ddr reminds me of my darling, pea.

[above] loving iced green-tea // tempura for dinner

[above] please nom some Papa John's cream puffs for me. ugh. so damn good!

[above] O_O fox. landed in Sydney

[above] leaving and landing back home

[above] a surprise belated present! how freaking awesome. i was over the moon! thank you ben & ona!!! <3

- - -


Anonymous said...

That lil shoppin centre was an awesome place to kill time! Arcade, jap food, great dessert! I want!

luvieur said...

mmmmm icecream mmooccchhhiii!!! :D :D

papa john's was groolsome.

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