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3.9.11 trip: machu picchu

woke up at 4AM, started walking in pitch black darkness outside to the mountains at 4.30AM.. and climbed my way up 3000 steps to the gates of Machu Picchu... JUST to see the sunrise.. 
but then there was fog.

see some of my favourite and mindblowing pictures from that day, documented at cusco & cartagena

then ...our way back to cusco, and flight to colombia

see by extending the post

 [above] Machu Picchu

 [above] alpacas... no ... llamas?! idk... ... Machu Picchu! (:

 [above] jonny

 [above] one of the flights of steps up the mountain, Machu Picchu.. one i would've climbed at about 5AM

- - -

after our night stay in the town of Machu Picchu, we bussed back to town in Cusco

 [above] freshly juiced, pina y naranja.. pineapple and orange (:

 [above] once again, at our favourite Map Cafe.

- - -

and then our first (and last) flight within South America, to Colombia!! :D

 [above] during our stopover... having a soft serve cone - not like our shitty small ones back in Aus!

[above] how pretty the sights were.

- - -


Anonymous said...

Macchu pichu, tick that of my bucket list if I had one! Not surprised that u did it with ease! And by ease I mean with a broken colar bone, and head spins! Ur a champ!!

luvieur said...

*GLEEEEEE* haha... thanks buddy (:

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