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royal hair

I spend forevvvvaaarrrrgghhh thinking about my next hair change - always. I'm very surprised I had my coloured extensions in for over 5 years! But that's prolli cos I got lazy, and all I changed were the numbers of colours and letting my hair grow long.

It started with mahogany red dye, back in year8. Then the embarrassing tiger bleach/highlight strips on the top layer in year9. Then bleaching the bottom half layer of my hair (opposite of the fad for blondes when they dyed black for under layers). Dabbled in caramel-blonde for a couple years, then grew it out before going back to black.

It didn't stop here.

In uni, it started with purple, pink, & white colored extensions. I went through that Victoria Beckham stage with the short back and long front... Which went wrong, and vowed never to let someone cut or colour my hair again... Not even mum (sorry mum). 
Year by year, I added colours but kept my hair layered short at the top, and longer each layer down to the neck.


It was time.
Before going to south America, I had a long (very long) think about doing balayage. Late of trend, but I planned to only do it for the 2. and change my parting (OMFG). Months I'd be gone, changing back as soon as I got home. Almost like balayage had never happened. But people love it... And my long mermaid hair is awesome. 


However, once again, it's time for a change. I thought of chocolate brown, red, back to rainbow, cut shorter, and the side shave. I had been thinking during my south America trip. Every chance I get to think, and not be in awe of the beautiful sights and food, I would think of my next hair change.


It has now come to two choices: cut short, or the side shave. Hair is like gold. I hate looking at al the hair that have fallen to the ground after haircuts. It's a very emotional thing!
So shaving one side short is gonna kill me over time, looks a little dyke-ish, and is now one of those late-trend of things.
Cutting medium short will just be having it short for a while... And probably much better for our upcoming summer.
Yesterday, the scales sided... I am leaning towards the shave.
I feel that I need this change. Force myself to work with my hair.... And do it for me, my sense of identity, bravery, and self love. Not to look 'acceptable', and pretty to the norm
I'm kinda just ranting though, cos I am a little bored with little to do since being in a sling full-time, after my shoulder surgery. I'll prolli just change my mind again. But this is kind of a warning... To hold on to our knickers. The next time you see me... I might look like a lesbian.

- - -

And if you're wondering about how I am post-surgery... I'm doing a lot better.
Taking less painkillers, feeling less nauseous, and starting to eat normally. Showering is still the worst thing, after lifting myself out of bed.. My wounds still look horrendous, my shoulder and hip area are still bruised and swollen, and my hip still feels pretty bad (had bone graft taken out).

In a week's time, my stitches get taken out.. And hopefully, I'm out of my sling.
Hopefully in no time, I can use the metal plate in my shoulder to shove rude people out of my way.
And also fingers crossed that my surgery to take out the plate won't be around Xmas or new years!!!

- - -


♥ kabs said...

OMG, shaving it will be a really big decision. think about it growing out babe!! but i know u will look good in it. just not so sure about the regrown process.

miss u.


luvieur said...

ugh i kno!! this tug-of-war decision is crazy!!! but sif i'll get any action in a few years anyway. might as well grow then! lol

miss you big time chicken!!

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