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cocoa & caffeine & gossip & pretty dresses

chocolate fix

@exomod w vanessa, kabs, shirley // best lemon lime brulee right thurr
got my thrifted $10 dress dirty last night - trying to save it now

- - -

i started making a dress last P.M, and just finished this A.M!

- - -


Keziah said...

omgosh i love the dress you made =)
can u pretty please tell me how to make?? damn it your so creative!!!
love xoxo

Vanessa said...

ooooooh i LOVE!!!
very summery!
so you know uhh....if you're ever out of ideas for my bday present.....
hahaha jks ;)

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit that night.

♥ kabs said...

that was a good night. LOL i make it sound like it was ages ago, altho it was only last night. dude, u post very quickly and efficiently, i must say.

nice dress. the pattern is making me dizzy the more i look at it. which i like! HAHA X


luvieur said...

i will kezpez - i'll post up the how-to-DIY if enough people wanna see it! :D

haha van!

thanks niigg. should taken a pic, hey. ): i might just redo it. lolzors

rainbow leen ♥ said...

yes love your dress! it even has shape and style!!!

mmm those brownies look good!! yumm

luvieur said...

haha ur drooooling!!

Melissa said...

loves the dress
brownies look delish!
loves it, loves you miss!


luvieur said...

thank you dear darling! xx

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