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this is a long rant about racism.

my uni tutor once asked the difference, if any, between noise and sound.
i said, "noise is something you don't like to hear".
and what could that be? songs, loud machines working in construction sights, the awful ringtone, words from a bully.

you know, i strongly believe that parents have a massive influence over how their kid does things. there's a lot of responsibility. so it's not hard to say 'it's okay' to... no restrictions over what their kids see on the internet or tv.
but if you can't teach your children common courtesy and manners, and not to be a douchebag... you have a fuxking problem.

growing up in Australia, as a Chinese kid.. was hard a lot of times. i was confused. i was born in Australia, am i Australian? or am i Chinese?
kids, don't make that easy. especially when they're taunting 'ching chong china' (shit, high school-ers still do).
so growing up, i felt ashamed of looking Asian, ... honestly, sometimes i still do. why?! why should i?!
dub Australia 'multicultural', if you like. but like America, the 'melting pot', there are still a lot of racists. and kids aren't getting taught any better.

i work around children a lot, as a school photographer, duh. i've often heard racist remarks from kids, pulling of eyes, and what not. heck, a teacher once said in front of me, "my eyes look Chinese in that photo, can i take another one?"....... .....
really?! ..
how can i expect kids to grow up into good people if their parents or teachers won't teach them.

okay, okay. but it's 'Australian' to joke around and make fun of people, even friends. fair enough, i totally get that. but don't try to cover your racist remarks with your culture!? yes, this mostly goes out to the white Australians, because they're the biggest offenders. don't just think that because i'm Asian, that i'm any lesser than you!
people think they aren't racist when they say shit.. they just don't get that the shit they say isn't subtle at all. "hey, you're pretty cool for an Asian". wtf is that supposed to mean?!
FYI, this isn't me having a go at white people.

to this day... my #1 insecurity is my ethnicity. is that person looking at me weird, because i'm Asian? are they laughing because they just made a joke about me and my race? is my boss talking to me demeaning manner because i look Chinese? ...asking where I'm from like we're playing a Guess Who game, followed by "no, where are you really from?"
i can tolerate you giving me shit about my age, my gender, what i do. i can't tolerate racism. it's rooted deep down and back into my childhood. thank you, ignorant parents.

by 'thank you', i mean 'fuxk you'. by 'fuxk you', i mean 'shut the fuxk up'.


Zakari said...

I once had a drunk babel some racist bs to me, so I told him to stuff before I Kung fu kick the sh!t out of him. He shut up and shuffled off. Anyway I totally feel you on this except the being ashamed of my Asian appearance, who wants to be sliced bread when you can be a bank mi thit lol

Anyway hope this cheers you up

kabsolutely said...


racism will always be there. especially since some people aren't aware that they are being racist. they dont even realise their subconscious mind is being racist when they say somethings.

don't let it ruin your day. or your life.

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