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condom rolls & colouring

usually i go to ToTo's for good ol' condom rolls, but have been told that home-made is the best way.
if there were beef in there - OHHHH it'd be killlaa!


 - - -

- - -

i bought a street-art inspired doodle book from leedy the other day - super hyped about it, wanting Taro Gomi books for months!!
met with Bilal for some colouring fun.
*the term "colouring" is not used in reference to the meaning created and used in Sex and the City

- - -

aaaannndd!! :D :D 

this photoblog has finally hit over 1000 pics! :D
thank you for following this blog, and supporting my work!!

i hope to show you more lovely pictures, humble fashion insights, DIYs, random videos, and inspirational stuff!! no pretentious sheyt. 

party time!
- - -


Natali said...

You just made me hungry again!!

..R May A.. said...

ooh they look yummy!
great post x

rainbow leen ♥ said...

hahaah look at bilal's colouring concentration haha, like a lil kid.
congrats on the over 1000 photos!!
and yes, rainbow leen is back! :D

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