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i need a shotcaller

ben has been wearing a suit all day.. even when he's washing dishes, he's wearing a business shirt, tie, trousers, and a waistcoat! haha at least he looks hard at work when doing his homework

- - -

had a shoot w tracy today (: she fed me some of her sushi! heehee.. so in return, i fed her some of my CCC

- - -

later in the evening, jussy came over to have nachos before our shoot...


- - -


♥ kabs said...

haha awww ben!!

tracy has joined ur string of models! she looks like a natural :)

and of course justine, as usual, always a pro!! is those silhouette kinda pics of her the ones van was meant to do?


Monica V said...

i love how you share your life so im gna share with you my fav online store
have fun!!
xx monica

luvieur said...

yes kabs, those are the silouhette ones van was meant to do. justine did A+ well!! haha
FIESUN your face.

MON! hahaha you are tooo naughty (sweet) my dear. online shopping is so BAD (gooooood)!! hahaha
will check them out asap (after i eat)!! xx

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