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call me mr flinstone, i can make your bed rock


i went to bikram yoga today at 9.30AM. eff. hahah. but i felt good after it. 

then i killed my 90minutes of sweating hard work by eating at Rifo's!
[above] had a little bit difficulty putting on my shoes since B had glued my zip to the bottom of the shoe haha
[above] i didn't mean to look so distant from loverboy, but i was trying to keep my hair of my face! ):
[above] vanilla milkshake (pretty good!! :D), garlic bread, penne polo, sorbet gelato

- - -

@night i met up with the luhvvly giselle & rosdy
can't wait to see her next! x

- - -


rainbow leen ♥ said...

is rifo's food good??? ive only had pizza and coffee lol.

♥ the bag luvieur + the lil shorts kabs

luvieur said...

penne polo is our traditional favourite! hahaha
heard their pizzas are good too! that coming from an italian.

thanks baeyb! (: xx

♥ kabs said...

yay to free food! except for my milkshake which i only drank 1/4 of cos some stupid bug decided to suicide in it!


luvieur said...

the milkshake was still good nonetheless

BRAMSTR the stupid bug's face

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