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triple C recipe *extra points for rhyming*

what's triple C? Chicken Casserole and Carbonara! my dear friends, i am about to unfold an easy and fanfuckingtastic dinner for you.. your partner to make you ;)
thank me later. actually, thank me all the time, everytime - thank me enough to remind me that i've changed your life forever! P:

what you need: (after each ingredient, i've put the amount in brackets as a guideline - this recipe cooks for 3-4peepoles)
brocolli (1) & tomato (1.5)
mushrooms (6) & ruby lou potatoes (5 small ones)
chicken thigh (or whatever part floats your boat - abt 3 pieces) & water
carbonara sauce (2), bilal doesn't eat pork; so i make it with alfredo for him & salt/pepper to taste & cumin seeds (grounded or whole - grounded is better)

oh! don't forget pasta/rice (1 packet/2cups), diced onions/garlic (1),  and oil


  1. cook pasta (i usually use spaghetti) or rice
  2. drain pasta (if you're making pasta)

  1. chop up the veges and the chicken. you probably wouldnt want your chicken to be larger than 4x3cm
  2. lightly brown the diced onions/garlic with oil in the large heated pot
  3. make sure there's enough oil in the pot before you put in the chicken - you don't want chicken stuck to your pan when you your partner washes it
  4. as you toss the chicken around, sprinkle in a dash of cumin seeds - now you'll smell the aroma
  5. as your chicken starts to lightly brown (but is still a tiny bit pink), put in your potatoes. now.. my trick is to move the chicken to the side, and put the potato at the bottom of the pot - this makes the potato cook faster. put in some water to help the potato cook rather than fry
  6. when the potato seems almost soft enough to eat, put in the broccoli. by this time, i would be mixing everything around
  7. now you put in the mushrooms and tomato. and simmer/turn the gas off

  1. heat the carbonara sauce
  2. serve rice/pasta with chicken casserole, topped with carbonara sauce
YAY! what an accomplishment. you've succeeded in life!


rainbow leen ♥ said...

omg that looks soo good!! maybe i'll whip up some since my parentals are away. i'll make sure i have my mac next to me while i'm cooking.. actually i should screen capture it since i have no net at home lol

♥ kabs said...

awww thank you. now i just gotta get david to read this blog and then we're all good! HAHA

rainbow leen ♥ said...

so reading this made me inspired to cook my own version of pasta this weekend and made a 3day feed load but forgot to take pics until i finished making it =( oh well.

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