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im not sure if you can handle the truth, but here's the thing: 
i NEED these. it would be advantageous if i can get hold of these rare items that hold tremendous amount of power. 
but if it comes to the fact that i can only get one, god's plan MAY still work. 
you see, if i don't get these, the world will come to an end, and the world will start showering Miley Cyrus singles, clashing to the floor of Justin Beiber screeches, and exploding with off milk.

you may think you cant help me save us now... but dear, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


- - -


Justine said...

HAWWWWT.  the first pair especially mmmmm!

luvieur said...

(: thanks for the comment baebs (: x

rainbow leen ♥ said...

but omg the 3rd pair!!! crazy!!! imagine walking in them when your drunk lol.. not that you would anyways hahah

luvieur said...

they look pretty stable! haha
or are you talking about the 5th pair?!?

rainbow leen ♥ said...

oh yeh i met 3rd lot so 5th pair hahaa

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