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belated photoshoot post


shooting spree *pew pew*

wednesday i shot Laura

friday i shot Matt

there are times when i want to post up exclusive behind-the-scenes / sneak-peak shots of photoshoots i do. larger view have more WOW factor, but im afraid you guys (or your comp/net) wont be very happy with that. 
soo... MAKE YOUR VOTE (pleeease?):
- yes, do as you please, if it looks better, i'd rather see it that way too
- nah, my comp is an asshole / my internet quota gets raped easily
- other: (leave your own comment)

- - -


Dan said...

yes, do as you please, if it looks better, i'd rather see it that way too

luvieur said...

thanks dan!!
ps: just to let u kno, u can still comment on my blog using the Name/URL identity (not needing to put in a URL) :D

Anonymous said...

i think you should keep them as the same size as you would normally post it.
if you want to show them through clarity, magnify pictures and crop to that extent if need be,
but really, i think you should just keep it as the size, make a comment that you like the clarity/way something lures your eyes and give them the option to look at it at an external link.

: )

rainbow leen ♥ said...

i was about to say yes but after i read ona's post, i choose 'other' - maybe refer it to your website so that when people see your photos here, they can go straight to your portfolio site and see all your work. great for promoting your photography too =)

Stephanie Vei-Li said...

Other: I vote external link for those who can spare the bytes.

Fab pics :)

luvieur said...

thanks guys!!

♥ kabs said...

wow u have been a very busy girl.

i say do as u please girl!!!

btw, nice RIGHT NOW pic.


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