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becoming a little techie (techy, whatevs. but techie looks cuter).
when i think of tech heads, here's what flashed in my mind:
(ps: if you havent already, do yourself a favour and watch Dollhouse - pps: im marrying Enver Gjokaj)

back to the point: techie.
i've been saving me & boyfee's phone credit by hopping onto skype recently.
also cos i wanna be like this granny a few centuries later on in life:

not to mention, i also have a twitter account now! O: yeyz.

here are some more ways to stalk me:
'bewbface' & 'stefni_'

oh, before i leave, i wanna show you this (enjoy!!)

- - -


Zakari said...

Man looking through all your post... if you didn't spend so much money on clothes you'd have more cash to spend on camera gear.... picked up a 70-200mm IS L by the way... you'd never guess how much!?!?!

luvieur said...

BAHAHAHAHHA - i know ): P:
AHHH!! i read your post!! how much how much?! O:

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