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i love you alaskah

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little baby alaskah - still a puppy - got in a car accident today. 
mum came home from dropping ben @school, left the garage door open cos dad was going to leave to work.
alaskah, mischievous as always, decided to jump over the fence and bark @school kids. 
our neighbour wanted to take alaskah away from the kids, but alaskah ran from him.
she ran onto the road, and a car that was driving by hit her breaks  and ran over alaskah.
her hind legs are injured and was in heaps of pain - as you would.
alaskah yelping, fi ran outside and saw her dragging herself off the road

the lady that ran over her said sorry, but started lecturing fi.
 - that bitch better watch her back!

i woke up to fi yelling out my name, and i saw alasakh crying in so much pain, and blood all over her legs and tail, and fi's arms. her hind paw was sliced and i could barely look @ her when we rushed to the vet.

alaskah is now staying overnight @ the vet, she's able to eat, drink, and pee, but the Drs are concerned b/c she's still dragging her hind legs and not using them.
she's breathing fine, her heartbeat's fine, and she's on fluids, anesthetic, etc.

i wish she was home to play around with the carpet that was taken out of fi's room.

i miss you alaskahmalaskah! 
i wanna kiss your stupid cute head. <3 
i'll let you have my orange tea-cup heels if you come back soon!

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

aww poor baby.
it must have been super painful! what a brave girl she is!

get well soon alaskah xoxo

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