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counting my blessings

blessed to have good quality food

bilal & i make this beef & pasta salad when we feel like making a healthy lunch @home


blessed to have healthy body and living environment
i feel that it's time to renovate my room or something. more polaroids, more medium format pictures - which reminds me.. i need to print those diana lomo pics ><

so happy to have found and received such beautiful, quirky, and yourdogwantstoairhumpmyleg shoes!

blessed to have a close relationship with the family, spending more time together, and celebrating more things

blessed to have this manboy for so many reasons

blessed to have such caring friends
i don't have photos for all of you, but they include all the kids from myer, high school friends, uni mates, and thru-friends friends... stone me if i've forgotten anyone else

thank you, guys, for always being there and always caring - there's been so much drama this year, and i'm glad you stuck by me. lots and lots of love
hope to see you allll much much more in 2010, too!!


♥ kabs said...

awww. love u too babe.

and dang! u gotta make me some of that beef pasta thingo. it looks yumalicious YO!


luvieur said...

will DO! (:

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