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spring shoots & leotards & your mum

i haven't been getting very much spring photoshoots done, and i'm a little bummed out cos spring is the best time for photoshoots; the weather is good, the sun is out & is not too bright - everyone feels comfy & photos get great lighting.

a few months ago, i thought i'd have a few clients who'd wanna do shoots in spring.. but spring has just ended, dears. now i'm to expect sticky and hot days with harsh lighting ): bleh!!

anyway! (: here's a few shots from a small shoot i did with ash, with jamie's assistance with lighting...

aaaaand - on another note: i just bought an American Apparel leotard for abt AUD$15 (incl p&h)!! O: ((:

thanks to jussy, i've just found one of the cheapest leotard in the world that has quality fabric! ((: thanks princess! xx

my black AA leotard cost me about $30-40, and this new grey baby to my collection (lol) is half its price

and i've finished watching season 4 for How I Met Your Mother. ((: that's all i'm gonna say - no spoilers! P:


Anonymous said...

Haha cool u got it! Does the grey one fit differently to the black one? I don't really like it :( it's very very hicut and very very backless, more then I remembered! I thibk my height is stretching it out

luvieur said...

hrmm.. i'm not too sure..
but judging by the picture, it looks like a slightly different fitting.
yeah, my black ones rise pretty high on the bottom half.
i'll let u know once it comes in the mail! ((: YAY! ebayparcels!!

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