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leederville for 14

it was 14months. we went to leedy to check out the markets. such pretty stuff. and such hot and sticky weather.
i really adore that suitcase! i SO want one! haha - - - and this mace necklace is by PaperTrail Productions
and WOW! how beautiful is that ring on the left pic?! it's by Mockingbird Glass (
three of the above images & the next one below are of Beleza's store. they've got some pretty nice stuff to wear, to keep, and to give. (Claire Snowdon 0410 417 597 for more info)
Gaelle makes some very beautiful clothes and accessories, and is part of the Fair Trade, so you can wear your lovely clothes at ease! haha. ( / 0407 779 642) i'm SOOO going to buy one! i'm thinking about the first three colours you see here (aqua, lavender, pink). it would be nice especially for summer and beach!

- - -  

after having Beef Stroganoff @Villa, we went to watch Avatar, then home.
the sunset was maaaaagnificant! ((:


Vanessa said...

awesome pics!
the sunset IS gorgeous! i like the bottom left one best :)

btw congratz on ya'll 14 months!

♥ kabs said...

awww i wanna go! it looks so awesome! where in leedy?

tell me! tell me! tell me! NOW!

love u X

luvieur said...

thanks starfiiissh! how's msia?

market is on the grass near the train station & skate park. (:
we'll go sat after boxing day?! ((:
it's on til march!

Anonymous said...

take me!

luvieur said...

ef no.

luvieur said...

ef no.

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