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love love love i wancho luuuuuhhvv


looked better when i wore them - prolli cos they lengthened my legs! ha! and the burgundy looked less brown in real life. it looked very tribal chic. haha
i saw them today @Emporium, and thought about the Wittner ones i saw a month or so ago.. Wittner has MUCH hotter versions.

don't you agree??

and i was thinking about getting these today.. very pretty indeeed.


Anonymous said...

Those shoes 
I prefer the Siren ones cause the heel isn't as chunky but they're both still nice!

Also omg I was going to blog today about a Sportsgirl ring too, the one that you bought but I didn't cause I was being stingy? Now I can't stop thinking about it, serves me
right! Bet it's no longer sold! Boo. This always happens with sportsgirl jewellery! Hehe.

wini_fred said...

shoe porn much stef?? haha.

i've given up on jewelery with diamantes. im too rough with my stuff that they all fall out after wearing them once *sigh*.

<3 all your pics btw.

luvieur said...

@darcy&bingley: hahaha.. they DO still have it! check out their online store, it's there! and it's free shippnig til xmas! YAY! get it get it get it get it! haha

@wini_fred: lol, yes. very orgasmic they are. haha..
yyeaaahh.. that's true.. diamantes falling out suckks big time. but if i cbf, i spray a clear coat of my bf's car body repair stuff (HAHA) in hope that the diamantes will stay on longer, and also the inside of the ring, so i dont get a green finger after ((:
&& thank youuu!! xx

Anonymous said...

Ordered it!
I'm a happy girl now :)
thanks for the tip!!!!!

luvieur said...

((: haha. now u can sleep soundly

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