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condom rolls

dinner's on me
vietnamese fresh spring rolls are what i call 'condom rolls' ... it bring joy to my tastebuds.. well, not the ones from Han's Cafe - they are quite the shites.

the servings are quite generous, and are about $9-$9.80


those white lines you see are seagulls flying in the skies of vic park ... and those pretty comet balls you see on ur right are car lights



Vanessa said...

huahahaha PHO!!
your parents are always so cute! my parents would be giving me evils if i asked them to take a photo like that.

luvieur said...

lol. it was mum's request to do so. hhahahaha
dad was just like -_- 'fine, but hurry up'.

♥ kabs said...

awwww ur parents are like little kids & u guys r the parents! LOL.

yummm vietnamese... i like :)

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