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xmas time is here

i can't wait to open my presents!!! ((:

... i've been out with my homies quite a lot lately. ben's really loving city-life and night-life atmosphere, so i've been taking him on excursions out to Fast Eddy's and Rifo's.

his behaviour is sometimes tolerated, but if it gets any worse by singing Hannah Montana more and louder in public, or pulls creepy/seedy/retarded faces, he will be expelled. haha

and on a lighter note: i've just found this...


♥ kabs said...

LOL LOL LOL that is fucking hilarioussss! and i also puked in my mouth whilst watching this. very poorly sang and crap video, but still funny as hell!

Stephanie Vei-Li said...

I can't believe you just found this. I saw it months ago and spammed everyone on facebook.

luvieur said...

-_-" i know. i don't youtube much. haha

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