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wow. it has been a very fast year.

stefni's 'o9 nutshell (in no particular order):
- girls' nights
- alaskah
- canon 40D
- more luvieur photography clients
- learnt more lunch/dinner recipes
- learnt more dessert recipes
- stereosonic
- future music
- secret santa
- new sense of eye for fashion style
- driver's licence
- 21sts
- hotter shoes

also, there's been quite a number of deaths this year, and i still can't let go of them.
RIP my dearest alaskah baby, david fooks, MJ, daul kim, brittany murphy.

and i'm glad to know that in 'o9, i've become a wiser and happier living organism. i try to count my blessings regularly, and that has made me realise that lovers are all you need - friends and family.
and closely following behind is sex, money, food, and double-sided tape! P: 

so NYE turned out to be pretty shit @ the start. things just went wrong.
but after several hours, i had dinner with some lovely lovelies of my life (shirley, pearly, jussy, kabs, david, & bilal - aka B the whole night)
i have no pictures to show off to you, but i wouldn't have taken any pics for you anyway - THE FOOD WAS JUST SO GOOD!
we had lobster with mantao buns (OMG MANTAO BUNS ARE THE SHIZZNAY), then black pepper sizzling beef, japanese tofu, kai-lan, and crispy chicken. with a complimentary orange slices, and coconut & sago dessert / red bean soup. ((:

then shirley, pearly, kabs, david, and B continued thru the night in our hotel room. to sum it up: straight baileys, apple vodka & lychee juice, poker, skittles, bath tub, nye playlist, and astroboy.

here are my only photos of the night:

the night turned out to be pureeeetyyy damn goood! thank you to my lovers for being there!! 2010 will be EPIC!!! xx

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

sorry babe, only just been back on to blogger! HAHA

yes it was an epic night.. the best NYE so far, i must say! HAHA more epicness to be continued in 2010!

love you too lover X

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