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terry richardson, mka olsen
check shirts
my new love

margaret river pictures up soon!


♥ kabs said...

hmm checked shirts suit u!

& mr richardson looks a tad bit insane!

luvieur said...

thanks babe!

haha.. yerr.. maybe a little! haha

see u tm sweetcheeks! - im wearing the mollini heels i bought for $50 from emporio! whee!

rainbow leen ♥ said...

is that jenny humphrey from gg? lol
ive been rewatching gg eps and old seasons to make me sleepy at night so i can sleep coz the net used to do that for me :(

luvieur said...

yes it is hun! haha... she looks SO diff in the catalogue shoots! plat.blonde looks great on her

rainbow leen ♥ said...

yeah she does.. at least she's not wearing rags... have you seen the latest eps yet??

luvieur said...

no hun. lol.

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