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tucker time

so the parental units have left for a holiday, and i'm starting to feel like a single mother! - i just hope PRAY i don't bust out some bedazzled jeans!! eww

so it's been my task to cook - and im not good at cooking .. but its better than mi goreng, maggi, anythingelsewithatonofMSG.

last night was spagbol - with tomato and mushroom bits

tonight was beef stroganoff

- - -

im currently saving money for my first-ever Bali holiday this year!! im waay tooo excited - and i hope to take lots of pics for you guys of the place, food, people, and fashion!

- - -

oh, and this is me writing to you - hiii~
Brobee you cheeky buttttface!

ooh ooh ooh! here's some fun - think of a caption for the pic above! ((:
hahaha... come ooonnn!! it'll be FUN!! :D 


rainbow leen ♥ said...

ooooo BALI!! when you going??

luvieur said...

hopefully september! (:

♥ kabs said...

yumm food :) where's mine missy?

omg! bali!!!! lucky biaaatchhh!

caption: *dream bubble out of luvieur's head* ohhhh kabs you turn me on!


*dram bubble* hmmm did i remember to wear undies today? dayyum i can't remember!


luvieur said...

LOL cargo!
yeah, looks like im looking at a pic of you + brobee looks pretty happy too! haha

i'll make you food when you come over! maybe next time, instead of eating out for lunch or whatever, we can cook?!

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