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good vibrators


got to Good Vibes a little late - missed out on pretty-much-all-of kid cudi *ultimate sadface* cos i locked myself outside the house *forehead slap*
BUT STILL - i saw Salt N Pepa, Gym Class Heroes, a peep of Gossip, a bit of Busta Rhymes, Arman Van Helden, and close up to the stage of Basement Jaxx! freakin awesome performers, my friends!
[above] kid cudi & gym class heroes
[above] salt n pepa + busta
[above] if i had a fro, i'd be keeping my lunch money there -- and hot flats, right?
[above] basement jaxx

now, i forgot to get a full body shot of my outfit, but here are the pieces i wore: (will prolli wear it again, just for you)

muchos luhvv

shoutout to mum & dad: hope malaysia is great fun! dw, i am doing the laundry!


Vanessa said...


<3 oversized tops

luvieur said...

thanks luhvv!

i know, hey. esp when its tucker time! haha

♥ kabs said...


hahah thats sooo funny! u locked urself out! only someone related to smellemma can do something stupid like that! LOL

and hi aunty & uncle! hope malaysia is fun for u! partying it up every night :)

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