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barbie & mark

1 comment:
i LOVE doing photoshoots.
for clients, for my portfolio, and for fun.

my latest shoot was with jo & mark - such a pleasure to work with!! here's a couple of sneak peaks:

beautiful people, right?!
i mean, why else do i still nickname jo as 'barbie'? i would totes buy her as my asian barbie if they made one like her! wouldn't you?

i'd also like to add a couple of polaroids into this blog, cos i really should upload all blog-worthy photos asap.

my beach-buddy, kabs. xx
and the best shell of 2010! thanks baby!! fyi: the shell was scanned, not taken by a camera.

1 comment:

♥ kabs said...

yes i would also buy asian barbie jo!

damn ur photography is good! i know from first hand :)

anyways, beach buddy... when is our next beach trip? i get one day off every week now... i know right ONE DAY! HAHA its either on mon or tues... pick now!

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