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my life is a game of snap

i love food. that's all there is, pretty much.
penne polo @rifo's again. love that shiiii'.

following a late lunch was a mini-roadtrip then a photoshoot @woodman point
*note to self: water is beautiful, sand is grey, must check if windy before shoot
*note to you: i will be posting up final pictures as soon as i can! (:
and then it was a girls' catch up dinner @hawkers, again. yes, we love the food. this above is salt & pepper squid; we forgot to ask for tentacles instead.

i'm on a hunt for a nice new bag, nail polish for summer, black eyeshadow, and also.. i need to give myself a haircut. 
here's some things i found so far!! (:
$19.80 from Forever 21
$24.80 from Forever 21

...aaaand, of course, you stumble across things that aren't on your to-get list, but now you think it was love at first sight, and you MUST buy the item.
$4.80 from Forever 21

aren't they alll sooo purreeeettyy? ((: ((: i'm prolli gonna get them all >=) i'm sooo bad.. hahaha

ALSO! i'm gonna try to eat healthier, do pilates everday/night, and drink more water. game on! (:


♥ kabs said...

OMG that second bag... i also bought it from forever 21!!!

i think its that one. looks the same as the one i saw... but mines $24.80... thats not cool! haha i guess we'll see when it get here :)

anyways, nice choices dear.

also, i need a hair cut too... but i can't bring myself to cut my very dry split-end LOOOOONNNG-ASSSSSS hair.

♥ kabs said...

haha i just realized... u said the second bag is $24.80.... i read the price for the first bag... LOL... err so i guess its the same bag?

HAHA.... *awkward moment*

umm... we can do one of those who wore it better things... LOL :P

♥ kabs said...

HAHA its actually just in my shopping bag. i'm trying to reach free shipping... cos shipping is so expensive!

i'm also getting the turtle ring.

thats all so far. no where near the minimum for the free shipping. so its gonna be a while for me to reach that cos i don't really see much i like. yeah, life sucks.

♥ kabs said...


hmm your either love me right now for making ur post so popular... OR u hate me for being a little annoying biaaaatch.

u know u love me XOXO GOSSIP GIRL! X

luvieur said...

u douche.
SOOOO add MY items onto ur shopping bag! then we dont have to pay for shipping! hahaha
wait.. im confused. u bought the first bag or the second?

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