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so... yeah

i just read a post i made a week or so back... aaanndd.. i said that i'd be trying to do pilates everynight.. and drink more water everyday. weeelll - i haven't. haha
i've been lazy with pilates cos i run out of energy from a long day at work, and as much as i try to drink water, sometimes i forget my bottle and stuff..

i also forgot to post up my recent photo with kabs:

there were more... but i dropped my external HD and lost all of it. yes, it was a very devastating day for me.. which i SORTA made up for with retail therapy. *sigh*

i'm not working at FCUK anymore, cos i landed a job as a school portrait photographer! YAY!!! finally getting into the industry - i'm so happy!! (:
i'm travelling to Geraldton in a couple weeks for the company, so i'm real excited!!


Vanessa said...

"...sometimes i forget my bottle and stuff..." hahaha and they're so darn heavy too eh?

boo to your HD but yay to the awesome pic of kabao you took! gorgeous.

catch up before you go Geraldton ok :)

luvieur said...


♥ kabs said...

my horrible pics broke ur HD?? yea i knew that was gonna happen LOL...

also i haven't found ur lens cap still... i think i might have to get u a new one. just letme know how much it is.

and hell yes to catchup!! only if everyone showed up for catchups!!!

luvieur said...

hahahaha.. not your fault. maybe i dropped and lost it forever! dw abt it chicken - i'll find another one!

yeah.. if people showed up for catchups, that'd be great! haha

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