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rainbow leen

leen's 22nd came around, and it was rainbow themed again.
here are some pics of the high-tea party before the drinks @ luxe with the common people - HAHA.

fi stamped the rainbow cupcake on her tongue ... & leen stuffed the rainbow cupcake in her mouth ... so ladylike
a present from bilal, david, kabs, ona, and yours truly

and because there were too much cupcakes that weren't finished, leen invited some people to meet @ utopia to finish them off (:
the night featured 'lil low' david, david z, duane, fred, leen, & me

duane took the last pic ((:


rainbow leen ♥ said...

LIKE very much ♥

♥ kabs said...

those cupcakes are the best. mmm... i am drooling thinking about them. seriously, i was sneakily eating them all night at leens hoping no one noticed the phat-skinny girl eating like crazy. HAHA

Rainbow Leen ♥ said...

haha, glad someone was eating them.
next time i make some, i'll let you know and we can have a mini tea party :P

luvieur said...


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