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26.7.11 cartagena

MUD VOLCANO!! already scorching and humid, we still couldn't resist checking out the mud volcano. And oh-my-fried-chicken(!), it is such a weird/fun experience!!
You're standing at the top of the volcano, watching others float in the grey mud, and deciding not to cover yourself all over cos you might look like that freaky old man over there. Then it's your turn to get in, it's thick, really thick like honey, and you've already lost balance in the mud. So naturally, you move around and put more weight into other areas of your body. No, appantz not. Mud doesn't work like that. Instead, you spin like on a rotisserie.
It's a short stay in the mud, your wash of is merely a wash, and after trying to wash off at a beach, then home shower, your bikini is still dripping grey water.

And Milo frappe! Someone make me one stat! New love of my life - I swear you won't regret it! Try to make one and tell me how u go!

We've moved into Makako Hostel, from El Viajero Hostel, & wish we hadn't. The aircon isn't always on like in El Viajero, and there aren't cold water bottles in the fridge for your last minute buys (both are HUGE factors when you're melting & your brain is frying). On the up side, there's a large TV room to chill, and the internet is faster!

Playa Blanca is the most talked about beach in Cartagena, and my(!) the water is Maldives clear! I've never been at a beach in the tropics, but unlike home beaches, water is warm even when it's hot outside! Passed out a couple times in the heat, drank strong pina colada out of a coconut, turned down 100 massages, more drinks, jewelry, & sarongs, and enjoyed the national fish dish for 10,000pesos (just over $aud5).

Cartagena, you are bloody hot & sticky, but you are packed full of little treats!
Can't wait to go to a castle tomorrow, and eat more Aussie food! Milo frappe is probs in store for me too! (;



[above: having drinks while watching the sun set]

will be home soooooon!


Joeyy said...

hmmmm... i'm starting to like this new feel of your photography.. feels vintage :D is it a setting on your camera??

GEEKitty said...

aaaaaaaaaawwwwww puppys!

Anonymous said...

Wish I couldn't been there with u! Wait I was!

♥ kabs said...

the mud volcano sounds like a free body mud-mask! haha 2-in-1 bonus :)

so jealous! so much chilling and relaxation!!
& maldive-ish beaches!?? OMG, i would looooove to go there!


luvieur said...

@joeyy: the photos were taken on an iTouch, and i just used photo apps to edit them - yes, they're FREE! WHOOP!!

@xkabs: it felt like cement. haha... yes! wish you could've been there with me, lying on chairs, soaking up sun & tan, shooing away massages and people selling you more pina colada & prawns!

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