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garage sale

went to shermaine's massive clothing sale today
1/32 Carr St, West Perth - they're opened tm (sunday) as well from 12-3pm

you really must check it out, shermaine's got mostly size 6-10 clothes, size 7 shoes.
&& rob has some attire for the gentleman at ridiculous prices for ridiculously expensive brands!
2x jackets & 1x long vest thing: $40. BIGGEST SNATCH!

then ona & i went back home to do rufus some grooming, while eating some super healthy 2minute snack. haha

- - -


Anonymous said...

aawww. thanks a lot!! :))

hope you like your stuff! and your brother too.
see you around soon hopefully.


luvieur said...

oh wows! u has a blog! will be following you now.
haha, yes.. i likes it! :D i was actually thinking of wearing it last night! haha.. but i thought it's too soon, and i should play the waiting game. P:
thanks for the discounts! :D :D

♥ kabs said...

SHIIIETT thats a lot of stuff they were selling. especially shoes!!

HAHA ben.


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