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start the car!!

before i forget to ask: i'm looking for a hairstylist (in Perth of course) for photoshoots... if you know anyone, dob them in today! (:

went to Grill'd today @Mt Lawley - thank god i didn't eat breakfast. cos that mutha was HUGE! ... (;
went w bilal, leen, tracy, paul, vincent, mel, and sean (sp?)

umm.. and how cute are mel's flats?! O: luffly.

swedish goodness!!
[above] b thinking about a sofa bed // <$2 coffee w daim cake bitchezzzz
[below] making use of my bag-holder (:

- - -


rainbow leen ♥ said...

you went to ikea! buy heaps? hehehe so cute the trolley LOL

and yes, that's how you spell sean :)

Melissa said...

haha! i call sean SP all the time, i think heaps of people have started calling him that too!

ps. loves the pic of your and bilal at ikea, so cute with your mini trolley!

nice pic of jus btw! :)

luvieur said...

thanks luhvvlies! x

KANI said...

sorry to disappoint.. i'm from melbourne! lovely blog btw :)

♥ kabs said...

cuuuute shoes. reminds me of EGYPT (the spelling looks wrong, but i checked just in case, and its right. wierrrdd!)

BTW, ur a big phat cow for not inviting me to ikea... I COULDA STARTED THE CAR!


luvieur said...

@kani: aww pooper scooper ): still a lovely blog of yours!

@kabs: haha, u were werrrrrkingg!?!

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