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date night

i took my boyfee to a date on thurs.. well, two.

the imp @ vic park

[above] chai latte
[above] fried calamari salad & chicken sandwich w chips
[above] wearing the white gold key necklace my parental units gave me for my 21st! aww ... and my thrifted sheer dress

- - -

ha-lu @ leederville

[above] you MUST try these - fresh/vege'n spring roll - wow, my mouth is watering right now
[above] sashimi of the day: tuna, salmon, uhh.. whats that thing again? // beef & eggplant stuff ..forgot the proper name. haha
[above] agadeshi tofu // chicken teriyaki - best evaaaar

- - -


shirley said...

i want to go to HA-LU!!!!

major drools!

IMP is cool! but small! and the guy there is weird!

luvieur said...

hahaha.. yes.. he is...
i thought he was giving me attitude.

rainbow leen ♥ said...

the IMP is one of my fav places ^.^ it has awesome tapas mmm
cute little teapot hehehe

Vanessa said...

is this that jap tapa place you want to take us to?
cos if it is- CAN WE PLEASE GO SOON? it all looks so good omg.

and yeh the imp wtf, me and shirley asked if we could share one pot of tea and he's like- no, they're for one person only. weird.

yay jap place!!

luvieur said...

yes yes yes! :D

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