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i pulled my bewb muscle


yes. at work.. i pulled my 'pec muscle'.. and eff.. it KILLED ME!
but cos im so awesome (duh) , i came back to life! haha
if you ever get a crazy strain between the very top part of you boob towards your outer-part of your armpit... you're having a boob attack. .. just letting a brutha know.

been busy werking lately (and going to creeeamfields! haha), so i haven't taken many photos to feed your hungry eyes (altho the cupcakes and tarts look darn doodly good).
however, i DID manage to post up photos of laura, matt, and tracy i did a few weeks ago - THANKS SO MUCH again luhvvers, for modelling! xx
(click on the image for full viewing - highly recommended, esp the first 2)


um um umm.. and a few additions on to my blogroll:
- french frosting - random fashion pics and random pics of french frosting on.. well, mostly cupcakes.
- raggamuffin love - suburban chick with style - doesnt update much
- song of style - blog of an architectural student with updates about what she wears daily
- childhood flames - i get quite bored of this one. nevertheless, it's still on my Google Reader list. mostly updates on her daily wear, and some random fashion pics.
- fashion squad - recently quit her role as fashion editor, posts up mostly pics of herself - usually from magazine editorials, etc.
- bohemian junk - suburban girl posting up pics of daily wear - wears mostly vintage and thrifted treasures
- the sartorialist - only just got interested in the blog.. it didnt bother me what people wore around the world before.. but now i kinda think it's interesting
- stop it right now - kinda like thats chic, posts up pics of what she wears, some runway shots, and some shopping

- - -


♥ kabs said...

nice pics babe!!

&& i'm guesiing u didn't go bikram tonight cos i didn't c u. u missed out on Adam. he was instructing tonight. pearly is right. he is much easier than dom! HAHA

also ur 'right now pic' is soooo flipped!! i kno ur room inside out!!


Anonymous said...

i was going to say the same thing.
...about the flipped room..

luvieur said...

hahaha.. mirror image from photobooth!! lol

quixotically.yours said...

Hey its Zhang, just letting you know that I'm adding you to my links on my blog :]

luvieur said...

YAYS! thanks bub!

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