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a whole new world


my lover randomly decided to want to dress up as Aladdin for Halloween - i thought it was a really awsum idea.. so we went along with it (yours truly as Jasmine)

we made the costumes ourselves, except the Aladdin pants (which were owned by Bilal) - minus the patch, and the monkey itself.
Aladdin and Abu both had matching valuer vests and red hats.

i even bought a large plastic jewel to use for my Jasmine headpiece, but has not even arrived yet ): [below]

[below] Rajah + Jasmine - also note the textbook @the bottom of this pic: i'm meant to be studying for tm's test

i think we did ppurrty good! haha

- - -
more pictures later P:


steffwantssugar said...

My text book!

Amazingly awesome costumes :D

luvieur said...

YES!! haha.. should i tag you? lol

and thank you, darling! x

Anonymous said...

i think it's good improvisation with the necklace there

luvieur said...

eye is sink sose two!

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