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mo money mo problems


ona had a gold coin collection since high school. she reached 1k a couple wks ago... 
a very proud moment.
and sad, too.

then i stumbled across this:

Alaskah posing with the collection. i love you kiddo...


Anonymous said...

Aww I'm sorry about alaskah.. He-she was gorgeous :,)

(also thanks for the constant
commenting on my rather pitiful

ps I'm loving ur blog! :)

♥ kabs said...

awww alaskah..

also that "piggy" bank of ona's is awesome! where can i get one...

1k of savings in a milk bottle sounds crazy though... it certainly doesn't look like 1k unless she has a whole collection, and this is only one of them.

i really need to save so i can go burn a whole in my wallet. at the current moment, my wallet aleady has a big phat whole burnt through it... LOL

luvieur said...

thank u anonymous! haha..

hahaha.. mine are just tiny sparks of holes in my wallet. i'm saving the finale fireworks in my wallet when we shop together! i'm always thinking of u kabs! haha

Anonymous said...

"i can has?"

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