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101 mark

i've posted 101 photographs onto this baby photoblog. hope you've enjoyed perving @ them (:

- - -

i love love love catchup with my lovelyladies (not my breasts, my high school girlfriends)
it's nice to catchup on a weekly basis, esp since we're all doing separate things now: uni, full-time work, partner commitments.
tonight, it was shirley, vanessa (starfish), kabs, and myself @ makan makan (vic park - open til quite late, malay/indo cuisine).

[below pic] shirley went to the UK a couple months back, & b(r)ought us girlies a little something - i called dibs on this lovely phone booth! haha. totes coots (totally cute - if u dont comprehende).

[above pic] HOW FRIGGIN SWEET ARE THESE GENIE LAMPS?! oh em gee - wish bilal cud'v used this for halloween! thank u my darling for the gift from Dubai!! x


vanessa said...

catch ups <3 !!

your camera pics OWN my iphone pocs LOL

luvieur said...

i know.. haha!
i'd be devo if ur iphone takes better pics than my dslr, anyway! hahaha

♥ kabs said...

HAHA the lighting is so nice even without flash... it seemed so dark in there, but i guess ur awesome camera can take great pics even in pitch darkness! LOL... sorry van, ur ipone cam got pwned by steph dslr big time!

miss u girlies already! can't wait til next fri! haven't got dressed up in ages! major camwhore session is expected... yes?

luvieur said...

EEEEE!! (disgrace's sound)
i'm excited for next friday! i cant wait to dress up for u ladies! and the CAMERAS!! O:
major camwhore session lock and loaded!

Anonymous said...

tot's wants to go to dubai just for magic genie lamp

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