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pillow talk

instead of buying stuff, i like to make it with my own mind, heart, and hands. ... wow - corny!
and i love pillowtalk with baby, so this is his anniversary present. love you babe!! mwa

don't be stupid. read the instructions first, & understand the logic before you actually sew.

you need: your pillow (for measurements), pillowcase material, measuring tape / ruler, scissors, thread (to match the pillowcase material and ribbon), needle (you might need to handsew some parts), decorative ribbon (you can also use sequins, or other fancy lines you can find in ur craft store), an iron (to flatten&tidy the material), and you miiiight need a working sewing machine

1. start by measuring the pillowcase, so to be able to make the right cut of the pillowcase.
i've cut mine so that it sews on the top and right, leaving it to be folded on the bottom, and open on the left side. iron the material so to see that the measurements are right, and you make a clean creased shape of a pillowcase.

2. draw on the pillowcase so that you know where you are sewing. then start sewing the ribbon on top of the lines (btw, your pillowcase shouldnt be sewn yet)

3. turn the material inside out. now sew the ends of the pillowcase, leaving one opening (i've sewn the top and right, leaving the left open - notice that the bottom is folded, not needing to be sewn).

4. you can make the second pillowcase when you do the first, or you can do it once you've totes finished the first P:
NB: for difficult smaller bits like the eyes, you can handsew the ribbon on. to avoid frays, you can fold the ribbon ends in, sew them so they stay in place, then sew them on the pillow
NB #2: try to make sure the red ribbon on pillowcase1 will roughly connect to the red ribbon on pillowcase2, this will make the lines appear to be connected when the pillowcases are put next to each other.

5. notice how there should be more space on the opening side
you can make a zip, buttons or simply fold it in. i've folded mine in, cos i cbf.. ((: ... if you plan to do the same, ironing the folds will make it easier and crisp looking

6. now to put your pillows in, and make it look pretty on ur bed - YAY!

enjoy! and show me your creations if you do make them yourself


Anonymous said...

OMG SO CUTE!!! I'm too lazy to make them myself but I would totally buy them from u!!! You could sell them on Etsy!

♥ kabs said...

awwww i am gonna make some now... just different design HAHA u creative freak. i'm just gonna end up not making in the end cos i'm lazy and have no time! LOL X

luvieur said...

O: awww babes! thanks for the compliment! i'd totes make you a set! (: (:

haha kabs! yes, its true, you have no time for anything ):

LiDdOLMeL said...

omg THESE ARE So cute for 2 seconds u make me want to make em as well but then i realised.. hrmm im way to lazy for this ill go buy it from aspec isntead =/ hahaha

luvieur said...

maybe one day when you have time and feel heaps creative with your hands rather than with your hair!

btw, ur hair looks awesome! ((: xx

Anonymous said...

that raised the bar.

vanessa said...

haha yes good idea! this is way cute!

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