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assessments are OVER! now i pray that i pass all my units *finger crossed, too*

SO! - it was decided that we have some drinks with my lovely lady loves *singing My Humps tune in my head*

shirley, vanessa, justine, kabs, and your truly @ MinQ (Burswood, Perth, DownUnder)

[above] preppin @vanessa's
[above] love love love lychee martinis & rush hour is oh-so-lovely, too!
Hot & Sour soup, black pepper beef, chilli salt squid <3 <3

PS: if you're wondering why we're being 'tards writing LOVE on our arms, it was to support the To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) day (:
PPS: if you're wondering what I'm wearing, it's a dress i made myself, Diva and Review bangles, Bardot gold mesh studs, Lipstik tan gladi heels, Sportsgirl eye shadow & blush, Chanel lipgloss, Bloom nailpolish 'Yeojin', white Equip chain bag... and Burberry Summer >< hahaha


♥ kabs said...

yumm hot'n'sour soup!

man ur pics look way better than mine... mine are just a pile of mess! LOL lots of pics all over the place and all :)

what we doing this week? X

luvieur said...

thanks babe! hahaha

dunno hey... we'll think of something. but i MUST go shopping soon!!!! hopefully you finish your exams early tm - I REALLY WANT TO GO SHOE SHOPPING!!!!! hahaha

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