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secret santa '11 (in '12)

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[above] kabs & jussy at the dining table

 [above] roasted carbs! YUM

 [above] spagbol, and ice magic & ice cream for dessert.

 [above] us girls (including lexie)

 [above] the girls <3

 [above] a little elephant from M, that travelled from Thailand

 [above] a little red nail polish from starfish, from her China & Philippines trip

 [above] another little (colourful, but you can't tell) cutie from M

- - -

celebrating birthdays and christmas since 2000 with this babes.
yikes. that's been a while. i feel the old creeping into my skin.

couldn't be blessed with more beautiful ladies in my life.

2012 will be a little tough, moving around.
but reunions will be so exciting!

- - -

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