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cool story bro

there's a blood family, a legal family, and a family you choose.

too often, i give my blood family too much credit... i do try to do my best as much as i can... and let's be honest, i'm not feeling much love back.

the family i choose happens to be a group of people that seemingly appreciates me more than i expect. they are respectful, appreciative, and check up on me... despite whatever it is that life is handing them.

how do you meet someone's expectations of an ideal family.. when they aren't meeting their own?

perhaps i just care too much.
and it's hard to just cut that off.
not caring about what people think, what people say, and what people do.

but you know what? it's mind over matter.

so fuck it.

so fuck it.

- - -


Anonymous said...

Who me?

luvieur said...

depending on what part of this post you're talking about, probably. (:

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