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little mermaid


i went to Woodman Point the other day, and collected a few shells. aren't most of them pretty?? (one looks like there's a dookie on it)

i've just started using Macadamia Natural Oil, which also has argan oil (/moroccan oil). it's said to absorb in better than Moroccan Oil, so I'm gonna give it a go. my long tresses need treatment!

- - -


my Silver & White Koi piece is up for sale. 
*FYI, silver kois are one of the most expensive kois to buy... if you ever wanna buy kois >.>

unprimed MDF, spray paint, pencil, ink, liquid pencil graphite, acrylic

for sale sold at $40

30.6 x 45 x 0.6cm

- - -


Anonymous said...

I love ur recent art! Would love to buy all of them but gotta let other people enjoy ur talent!

luvieur said...

NAWHH!!! thanks buddy.

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