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butterfree: freehand kaleidoscope

i've kinda just finished doing my latest piece - Butterfree (Freehand Kaleidoscope)
and made a mess. on myself and my couch -_-"

it took a few more days longer than expected, but has turned out beautifully..

unprimed MDF, lead pencil, spray paint, coloured pencils, watercolour, ink.

44.5 x 30 x 0.6cm

for sale $50.

- - -

just had a lovely chat with a few of my favourite boys this week...
i love you all so much.
thank you for trying to show me how much i mean to you, and how much more i should see myself.
pauly v, long, wat,
- - -

health checkup - doc says i'm good for my next surgery.. and should be booked in, around March.
going stronger in physio.. good sign.

shooting in no time!

here's one i did with kabs not long ago...


- - -


Dark Blue Stripes said...

You are very talented. Great piece of art.


Dark Blue Stripes

luvieur said...

thank you so much Christie! i really appreciate it (:

Anonymous said...

The painting looks great, and i love u too!

luvieur said...

(: xo

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