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beaufort st festival

if you missed it... it was choc-a-block full of hipsters roaming the streets with their dogs, restaurants & cafes full, and pretty things to look at everywhere.

 [above] vintage stores galore

 [above] dawgs roaming the st, also with a dog show on

 [above] mm.. chorizo... thinking heaps of Argentina

 [above] please excuse me.. i was born with a mutated face

 [above] oh dang.. wish i hadn't eaten my hotdog ... could've had a chance to try these babies

 [above] spanakopita snail, made by jonny - and what a treat it was!

[above] cricket batting cage w long, wat, & jonny

- - -


Anonymous said...

Good weekend fun! Can't wait for beach weather!

luvieur said...

beach weather right around the corner!

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