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epic knees of death

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following my Epic Leggings of Death and Epic Shoulder of Death, is Epic Knees of Death.

and here is a tutorial (:

[above: you need something to make a small hole in your jeans. i've used a threading needle & knitting needle. you'll also need your studs, which you can get from ebay]

[above: mark where your spikes will go]

[above: use the needle to make a hole. fiddle with the hole to slightly stretch it open]

[above: use the knitting needle to make that hole larger - if your knitting needle/material work well together, you probs won't need the threading needle]

[above: push the spike backing out from underneath the jeans]

[above: twist the spike top on]

[above: tadaa!]


ps: thank you longjohns, for pretty much doing it all for me.
obvi guys, the pictured hands do not belong to my arms.

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