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new release

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i wanna show you the progress before the final piece, and the details of it too

 [above] drawing on unprimed MDF

 [above] colouring in the skeletal hand, hair, and highlighting the nose

 [above] closer shot

 [above] a lovely day it was to be outside painting in acrylics

[above] painting the rose leaves. careful attention to direction of strokes, and highlighting the stem

[above] painting the roses, attention to the direction of the strokes. painting the lips.

 [above] the finished final piece.

[below] details of the final piece

- - -

the selling price is $150.  SOLD! (:

please tell your lovers and friends if you think they might be interested.

this is my only source of income at the moment, while I recover from my broken clavicle.

any questions, please comment or hit me up with an e-mail at
otherwise, i'd love to hear what you think (:

- - -

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