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2.6.11 LA

hey guys, I'm in california, the weather is fine and there's a mad breeze - it froze my head!

note: if ur ever going to a hotel from LAX airport, taking a shuttle bus is cheap, but u have to wait around a little. it's like a maxi taxi.. but cheaper.

I had a HUGE cup of tea and bagel for about $7.
walked along the Santa Monica beach side
shopped at 3rd St Promenade - great for
free wifi in the city!!!! badass!
Starbucks tall iced coffee + berry cake slice for $3.90... like omg.
it was SO hard not to buy stuff, but it's smarter to buy it on the way back home, otherwise
I'd be lugging it around.

note: don't forget to tip. I think service tipping is about 18%?
note: don't forget what size you are in US.

was gonna have begets at Umami, but couldn't be bothered walkin far down Broadway - it was getting cold - fast!! so I had Thai Dishes instead, rccommended by the cute front desk guy.

gotta catch some Zzzzs, I have 3 flights back to back tm.

I can't show any pics yet - it's difficult to do so on my phone ):

lots of luhvv, xxo


Vanessa said...

ahhhh i can just imagine you walking down santa monica beach munching on a bagel! i'm so envious and excited for you at the same time :)

♥ kabs said...

such a busy woman!

shit, thats a big tip! but i guess depends on how much ur spending to begin with! must have gotten so broke after all that tipping u had to do on ur holiday!


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